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Lodgers in London

If you live in London and are thinking of taking in a lodger then you have many more options available. Not only are there far more people looking for rented accomodation in London in general but there are people looking for different types of lets.

One trend on the increase is Monday to Friday letting. Increasing numbers of commuters travel to London from cities as far away as Manchester and York so it can often be easier (and cheaper) to rent a room in London for the week and go home for the weekend. This can be a great compromise for the landlord as you get the benefit of additional income without someone around all the time. SpareRoom.co.uk allows you to advertise your room as a Monday to Friday let only if necessary.

London also has a huge student population so you might want to think about renting out your room in term times and having a break over the holidays. Alternatively you can take advantage of the influx of foreign students who come to London for a summer to work and improve their English. There are always people looking for short term accomodation in London, whether for a particular event (Wimbledon for example), or just to spend some time in the UK, so you can always do short lets and just not advertise when you fancy a while to yourself.